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Smiling woman wrapped in a towel, lying on a massage table with hands touching her head and face.

Treat Yourself Right With a Visit to One of These 3 Local Day Spas


With the first days of spring just around the corner, it’s finally time to start thinking about warmer weather and spending time outdoors. But before you do any of that, you’ll want to look and feel your best. Enter Latitude at River Landing’s guide to three of Coralville’s best day spas, where you can get just the right amount of pampering before you re-enter society.

What’s the Best Spot for Manis & Pedis?

If the first service on your list is a nail job, you’ll definitely want to check out Europa Salon and Spa. Just a 6-minute drive from Latitude at River Landing, this full-service spa offers a variety of nail treatment packages, from simple to indulgent. Europa prides itself on using products that are safe for their customers, technicians, and the environment. In addition to both men and women’s manicures and pedicures in Coralville, Europa also offers haircuts and coloring and facial treatments, including makeup and lash lifts and tints, as well as waxing.

Where Should I Go For Waxing?

While there are many spas in Coralville that offer waxing services, Spa Bilancia stands out for its high rating and its sugaring option. If you haven’t tried sugaring, you should check it out. Like waxing, it works by applying a sticky substance to your body and then pulling it off to remove hair. However, unlike waxing, sugaring is applied at room temperature, contains all natural ingredients, and pulls hair out in the same direction it grows, making this treatment less irritable to your skin. It also requires less growth – sugaring can work on hair that’s 1/16-inch long, rather than the half-inch required for waxing.

What If I Just Want a Massage?

Morning Sun Massage & Spa offers a wide selection of massage options in Coralville, including everything from a half-hour rub down to two hours of muscle melting pleasure. Available methods include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Prenatal/Pregnancy, and Reiki. They also offer couples massages in Coralville, so you can bring your favorite buddy! Besides amazing massages, Morning Sun also offers a wide variety of facial treatments, and every treatment includes a face and neck/shoulder massage.

Happy Spring 2021!

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